Angie Neff

Grading Scale
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 Grading Scale

100-90% A
89-80% B
79-70% C
69-60% D
59-0% F

O = Outstanding

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

Written Responses
Written Work

Spelling: If the word(s) used in a writing assignment are on display in a word bank or in the classroom, in a book or in any other way so that the student may check for reference, misspelling the word(s) will result is points being deducted from the final grade. This promotes responsibility of the students.

Sentences:  If a comprehension question requires a sentence, students are expected to use capital letters and end marks correctly.  Students are also reminded to read over their sentence because it must make sense! 

Reversed numbers and letters:

Points are deducted or counted wrong for writing numbers and letters backwards.

*Students are given the following reminder often: 
"Teachers should not be the first person to read the answers you give.  The first person should be YOU, so you can make sure it makes sense!"

Math Grading
Math: Showing Work and Labeling Answers

Students are required to show their work for story problems. This could be using words to explain how they solved the problem or a math problem showing how they solved the problem. Points will be deducted if work is not shown.

In order to receive full credit for the correct answer, students are also required to use a label as a part of the answer.

Both of these directions apply to the Indiana Standardized tests students are taking in third grade.