Classroom Parties and Wellness

Smart Snacks
All snacks provided to students during the school day, including birthday treats and classroom parties, must meet the Smart Snack Standards set by the USDA.  Smart Snacks can be purchased from the cafeteria or grocery store.  
Smart Snack Guidelines
Approved Smart Snack List
Smart Snack Approved Holiday Party Ideas
*Please note, parent-provided daily snacks, for your individual student, do not need to meet the Smart Snack Standards.  Also, the approved Smart Snack List is a guide for parents to purchase treats at a local grocery store. For a list of treats that can be purchased through the school cafeteria, please see the Birthday and Classroom Party Treat Order Form above.

For questions on the Smart Snack Guidelines, please contact Cheryl Erhart, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, at 812-623-2291 ext. 13809 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.