Counselor's Notes

Meet the Counselors

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! Bright Elementary School is excited to have both a full-time and part-time counselor.  Mr. Strittholt will be at Bright Elementary Monday -Friday, while Mrs. Lobenstein will split her time between North Dearborn Elementary (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday) and Bright Elementary (Monday & Thursday). To learn more about our school counselors, click here.

About the Bright Elementary School Counseling Program
The focus of the Bright Elementary School Counseling Program is to remove barriers to student success by providing academic support, assisting with social-emotional learning, career readiness, and providing resources when necessary. The school counselors will be providing services to all students through the classroom curriculum. The other services provided are small-group counseling, short-term individual counseling, and assistance in the classroom. If you believe that your child would benefit from one of these services, please fill out our Parent Referral Form by clicking here.

We have gathered a list of resources to assist our families. We will continue updating this list. If you have any questions about the resources, feel free to contact one of the counselors for additional information. You can access these resources by clicking the hyperlink above.

Sacks of Snacks
We are pleased to offer the “Sacks of Snacks” program again this year. Click the link for more information on the program and to complete the application.

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